How to get Fantom

Bridging FTM from other networks You can exchange for FTM on Ethereum or BNB dexs like Uni or Sushi, but how do you get your FTM on to the Fantom network? A few options here:
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    Multichain (Ethereum to Fantom) This option allows you to bridge various tokens to the Fantom network.
  2. 2.
    AnySwap (Binance Smart Chain to Fantom).
  3. 3.
    Official Fantom Bridge (Binance, Ethereum, or Xar to Fantom) This option only allows FSN and FTM to bridge over
Get free Fantom gas You can receive gas in FTM every 24 hr from the Official Fantom Discord. FTM gas is needed to perform transactions on the Fantom chain, just like ETH and BSC. Here's how to get some free Fantom gas directly to your Fantom wallet:
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    Send "!help" to FantomTip. Find the "FantomTip" bot through search, send a direct message of "!help" to FantomTip
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    Send "!faucet" to FantomTip. The FantomTip bot will reply with a list of commands, send "!faucet" to request for the FTM gas
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    Send "!withdraw yourwalletaddress". This starts your withdraw process. For example, "!withdraw 0xD2dd6A6DcF7dA71A5702d7f0786d1361902639aF"
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    Receive Confirmation. FantomTip will now send a message that it is processing your withdrawal and it will take a few minutes.
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    Done. The gas will be dropped into your Fantom wallet